What a typical Fly Day Looks Like

The fly days are very well organized and are scheduled in advance. Here, a committee of volunteers alongside the Flying Viking staff is assembled to discuss the day event. This is required to make sure the event runs smoothly since the audience is always changing.

Arrival Sign in and tour the aircraft with the pilots.

Ground School This is where the child gets immersed into the event. Here, children will obtain a basic class on aviation by one of our pilots. Now, the child will take this new found knowledge and apply it to an actual flight.

Flight This will be a 20-30 minutes flight. We will utilize single engine Cessna and Piper aircraft. The child will assist in the preflight and taxing of the aircraft. Once at 2000 feet, we attempt to give the child the opportunity to take control and fly. This will be based on weather, time constraints and other factors taking place on the event day.

Landing Upon returning of the flight, a keepsake photo can be taken, and our proud young “pilots” will be awarded with a first flight certificate.

Activities On the ground children and their families will enjoy a day filled with plenty of arts and crafts. A light lunch will be provided from generous local sponsors.